DIN Software

DIN Software GmbH helps companies with their standards-related business processes. We provide information on national, European and international standards, technical rules and technically relevant legislation.

Standards management

Manage your standards collection ...

... with DIN Software's DITR data service

DIN Software's data service ....

  • provides you with information on national, European and international standards and technical rules tailored to your needs;
  • helps in the setting up of an individualized internal database of technical rules based on this information;
  • can be combined with customer data such as company standards;
  • optimizes the management of your standards collection by providing regular updates on new and withdrawn documents, by supporting order management systems - where necessary for several sites - and the management of internal communications, etc.;
  • helps you achieve the certification of your quality system to the DIN EN ISO 9001 family of standards.

Our database - Your knowledge

All information delivered by the data service can be incorporated into your internal system according to your needs - because the data is provided in a format customized to your needs, post-processing is not necessary.

  • In-depth information: For each document there is a data set with more than 93 fields containing all bibliographic information, content descriptions and other details which are essential for standards management. An overview of document collections and data fields contained in the database is given here.
  • Data formats: You select the format for the data we provide: You can choose the data format, layout, field names, length of fields, coding, etc. We will be happy to advice you in choosing the right format (examples).
  • Data delivery: Normally the data is provided in a password-protected account on our FTP server. It is also possible to deliver data to your own FTP server. Small amounts of data can be sent as an e-mail attachment, larger amounts are best delivered on CD or DVD, etc.