DIN Software

DIN Software GmbH helps companies with their standards-related business processes. We provide information on national, European and international standards, technical rules and technically relevant legislation.

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  • Standards information products and services

    Customers need the right information in a suitable format to ensure their business activities are performed efficiently, correctly and in compliance with the law.

  • DIN Software's Services

    DIN Software GmbH offers individual information services to provide professional and most reliable information on standards and technical rules and to give customers qualified information on request.

  • Standards management

    Manage your standards collection with DIN Software's DITR data service.

  • Company

    DIN Software GmbH compiles comprehensive standards information on national, European and international standards, technical rules as well as technically relevant legislation.


DIN Software GmbH

DIN Software is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DIN. It is responsible for maintaining the DIN Group's databases. Offering a number of services, DIN Software is a world leader in providing information on standards and professionally designed information platforms which companies use to optimize their business processes.

Please contact us, if you have any queries regarding our products, services or company.