DIN Software

DIN Software GmbH helps companies with their standards-related business processes. We provide information on national, European and international standards, technical rules and technically relevant legislation.

Quality Management System


DIN Software GmbH was successfully certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015-11 without any non-conformities. Certification was carried out by DQS Holding GmbH.


The scope of our quality management system encompasses the ...

  • provision of information on standards, technical rules and regulations published by national, European and international bodies for both formal and context-based purposes,
  • maintenance of the DITR Database and full-text databases,
  • supply of data and services for systematic information in all fields of standardization and technical rules.

The benefits for our customers

  • Information on standards and technical rules (bibliographic data) is essential for a company's business processes and is thus a key technology in the field of standardization. This type of information is therefore of strategic importance for companies, which is why our information centre was set up. Purchasing key technologies from outside sources who have been certified reduces business risks.
  • Partners whose processes have been certified offer the best possibilities for the stable joint development of technologies. Further developing standards information systems thus requires sustainable financing in order to secure the basis for strategic objectives.
  • Certified customers need to work with certified partners.


David Seitz (Quality Management Representative)

Cord Wischhöfer (Managing Director)